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With over a decade of experience in co-founding and leading multiple successful ventures, I have honed my expertise in transforming ambitious visions into sustainable businesses. This journey has led to my role as a business mentor and advisor, collaborating with notable founders across diverse industries to guide their businesses from inception to flourishing enterprises.

At the core of my career is a deep involvement in business development, marketing, and sales. I have consistently been at the forefront of transforming innovative ideas into viable, profitable enterprises. My approach integrates strategic planning with creative marketing and robust relationship-building to drive business growth.

My experience includes significant roles in esteemed global accelerators like Techstars and Hype, and most recently, in the Israeli MaofTech local accelerators. These positions have honed my skills in identifying and nurturing business potential, giving me a profound understanding of various market dynamics and the crucial role of tailored business strategies.

My mentorship approach is holistic. I do not focus on just one aspect of your business, rather I join you steering the entire business. Together, we will craft an overarching strategy, connecting dots between your business's vision and the dynamic market landscape.
I take a Founder/CEO-Centric Approach. My philosophy revolves around working intimately with founders/CEOs.
Our partnership will catalyze your venture's evolution, propelling it to the next stage.

I’m hands on with you. Taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY  for my 50% part in our partnership. 

Without DATA I’m just a consultant with an opinion. So we work together, data driven. The key is obviously to have the right data for your business.

The rubber must hit the ground. Life is short. True business validation comes only from EFFECTIVE SALES. This is where business development, marketing, and sales converge, when the rubber hits the road and things move from fantasy land into reality - the crucial elements for any company’s survival and growth.

We don’t improvise. We follow a WINNING METHODOLOGY: analyze data, map status, decide on KPIs, match and fine-tune a strategy and a work plan, monitor implementation, regularly debrief, improve and grow fast.

I deliver results

Strategic Planning and Execution
Raising Capital
Revenue Growth
Product Development and Innovation


Sleepless Workers:
How AI Agents Are Revolutionizing Resource Management

This lecture addresses the dynamic shift in the modern workplace, particularly in light of current financial resources shortage which are acutely felt in these challenging times in Israel.

As we transition into a hybrid era of work—blending physical and remote environments—we also see the emergence of a new workforce comprising human and virtual employees. These AI agents, operational around the clock with exceptional speed and precision, are not just futuristic concepts but practical solutions addressing today’s workforce challenges, including task automation and data analysis.

The lecture will explore how AI agents are transforming the contemporary work landscape and provide actionable strategies for their seamless integration into various organizational structures. Emphasizing that this technology is not just for large corporations but is readily available and applicable for businesses of all sizes, from multinational companies to small local coffee shops, we will delve into the practicalities of leveraging AI in everyday business operations. We will examine the capabilities and limitations of these AI agents, setting the stage for a future where human and AI collaboration becomes commonplace in resource management and beyond. 

This discussion will highlight the emerging opportunities and challenges, demonstrating how businesses today can effectively harness this technology to their advantage.

Entrepreneurship for Non-Entrepreneurs:
Cultivating a Mindset for Everyday Innovation

In a world where entrepreneurship is often associated with high-tech startups and dramatic business ventures, this lecture shifts focus to the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within each individual, waiting to be harnessed in our everyday lives.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understand that the core of entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business; it's a mindset that can be adopted by anyone, anywhere. This lecture will walk you through what it means to think like an entrepreneur—being proactive, embracing risks, and seeing opportunities where others see obstacles.

Daily Entrepreneurship

We'll explore practical ways to apply entrepreneurial thinking to our daily activities, both personal and professional. How can we innovate in our routine tasks? How do we turn the mundane into something extraordinary?

Proactivity in Action

 Learn how to take the initiative and be a self-starter. We'll discuss strategies for becoming more proactive in your environment, making things happen rather than waiting for them to happen.


n rather than waiting for them to happen.Risk-Taking: Embrace the calculated risk-taking that comes with entrepreneurial action. How can we assess risks wisely and take steps to mitigate them while pursuing our goals?

Cultivating Growth

Find out how to set the stage for your projects and ideas to flourish. This part of the lecture will cover how to create a nurturing environment for innovation.

Bringing the Entrepreneur Out

This entire lecture is focused on unleashing the entrepreneur in each of us. Discover how to bring entrepreneurial life to everything you do, making every day a step towards self-improvement and success.

Practical Implementations
of Game Theory

Game theory explores decision-making within groups, focusing on situations where decisions are interdependent. It operates in the realm between rationality and irrationality, addressing the dynamics of different individuals coexisting. This lecture delves into the world of mechanism design, creating environments that encourage specific behaviors among players, from auction participation to daily activities such as diet and exercise, relationships and parenting, professional growth, and social action. Each organization can have the lecture tailored to explain how this mindset fosters the optimal environment for growth in the desired area.

"We shape our dwellings. Thereafter they shape us."

This lecture will explore how to "shape" an environment to achieve various desired outcomes. Whether the goal is to nurture innovation, trigger collaboration, or enhance motivation, we can learn the basics of designing environments that lead to specific positive behaviors and results. By applying game theory principles, we can create tailored settings that drive collective success in diverse areas.


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